Disclosure Policy

Basic policy

Generation pass co., ltd. (hereinafter called “GP”) strives to provide information in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Regulation set up by the Tokyo Stock Exchange to shareholders and investors. GP positively disclose important information, which is considered as valuable and effective for well understanding of GP to shareholders and investors even through it is not required by the Timely Disclosure Regulations.

Information Disclosure Method

The information subjected to the Timely Disclosure Regulation is disclosed through the Timely Information Disclosure System (TDnet) managed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is actively uploaded on our website as well in order for shareholders and investors to be noticed the important information on time.

Forward-Looking Statements

The disclosed information is sometimes included forecasts and future expectation based on the available information at the time of disclosure other than historical facts. Results may differ from the statements because of changes of economic situation, regulations, or other uncertain factors.

Quiet Period

To prevent the leakage of important financial information, we set “the Quiet Period” from the next day of the quarter financial period through the day of announcement of financial statements. During this period, GP may not be able to announce and comment about the information concerned with financial results. However, GP will notice accurately and quickly in case the financial result differ significantly from announced forecast.