Company / Business

Q. When was the company established?

A. On 2002, founder and president Hiroaki Okamoto established GENERATION PASS Co., Ltd.(with capital of 11 Millions of Yen) to archive memorial photos and create and sell memorial videos at Kioi-cho, Tokyo.

Q. What is the basic strategy of the company?

A. Our group consists of GENERATION PASS Co., Ltd. and consolidated subsidiary, Triple Double,Corp. We operate "EC Marketing" business and "Other" business which consists of video production and software development. With the motto of "delivering the feelings of suppliers with good merchandise to the consumers", we continually gather marketing data, analyze them, and systemize the operation. See "Business" for the details.

IPO / Stock

Q. When did the company go public?

A. On September 24, 2014, we were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market.

Q. What is your ticker symbol?

A. 3195.

Q. When is the balance sheet date?

A. October 31st.

Q. When are the financial statements announced?

A. Our group announce our financial statements quarterly.

Q. What is the trading unit of your stocks?

A. 100.

Q. How much is your current stock?

A. For the latest stock information, please refer Wall Street Journal.   go to Wall Street Journal

Q. When are the dividends paid?

A. On December 31st. If we were to pay interim dividends, it will be on June 30th.

Q. Where do we notify about shareholder information such as changes in address or name.

A. Please contact Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, which is our shareholder registry administrator.

Q. When is the annual meeting of stockholders?

A. Our annual meeting of stockholders is scheduled at end of March every year.

Q. Do you have shareholder special benefit plan?

A. No, but we are considering if we can provide them.