Corporate Governance

Basic Philosophy

As a basic philosophy of corporate governance, Generation Pass believes that company value is enhanced in the long term by ensuring sound and transparent management as well as maintaining thorough compliance. Accordingly, Generation Pass is working to strengthen the system for appropriate performance of business, and build a committed relationship with various stakeholders, including shareholders and other investors in order to provide better services and achieve continuous growth.

Internal Control System

Outline of corporate organization

Generation Pass believes that the framework of the existing organization can maintain the fairness and transparency of management, efficient function of audit, internal control system, compliance, prompt and appropriate decision-making, and effective management and business activity.

Board of Directors

Board of directors of Generation Pass, composed of 4 members, conduct decision-making and supervise business activities. In principle, meetings of directors are held once a month and an extraordinary board meeting as needed. One audit participates in the meeting of directors as an internal check function against directors' decision-making.

Board of Auditors

Board of Auditors of Generation Pass, composed of 3 members, holds the meeting once a month and an extraordinary board meeting as needed. In the meeting, the members consider a matter for resolution and report on progress based on laws and regulations and audit rules. Board of Auditors, at least one of them, participate the meetings of directors and audit the business activity of Board of Directors and all aspects of business activity.

Management Meeting

Management meeting, composed of directors, full-time auditor, and team leaders, is held once a week. In the meeting, leaders of each team report general risk management and consider counterplan.

Corporate governance is constructed as follows. 体制