To Stockholders

Message from the President

Our company has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market on September 24, 2014.
We would like to thank our stockholders and investors.

Our company started on January 2002 with "to become a bridge between people to people in generations" as a concept, and had archiving of memorable photos and sales of system for creation of video contents as our business.

In 2007, as "to deliver feelings of suppliers with good products efficiently to the consumers" as our new concept, we have started EC marketing business with big data collection and analysis and system development based on our unique marketing method as a background. We have around 1 million items of wide category, and has been adapting to market changes.

By capturing marketing backgrounds such as wide spread use of smart phones and tablets, young generations not reluctant to shop in EC and rise in EC usage rate, we have been increasing the number of items and categories, to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Do everything seriously.
If you do everything seriously, your path will open,
and everything is interesting if you do them seriously.

We believe in power of each employees with such seriousness, and we can try in different directions 3 years before, now and 3 years later. We believe a company with such flexible mind and deployment is indeed a company built by people, and a company that lasts.

We will keep trying seriously to be trusted by our stockholders and customers by creating new ideas with free mind, keep trying and keep growing.

We will ask for your support and guidance.

September, 2014