Job Opening

Experienced Hires

Planning Dept. Alliance Team Operation Team Design Team
  • Marketing Planner
  • Consultant
  • Buyer
  • Sales Administration
  • Merchandiser
  • Not hiring.
  • Web Designer
  • Web Coder
  • Photographer
  • Product Drafter
  • Video Production
  • System Team Administrative Dept.
  • System Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Accounting Staff
  • General Affairs
  • Public Relations
  • Part Time

    ・ Customer Support
    ・ Web Coder Assistant

    * Please contact from the e-mail address below.

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    Entrance Requirement List

    Work Place Head Office or Studio (depends on type of job)
    Salary Provided based on our provisions according to experience and ability
    Raise / Bonus 1 raise / 2 bonuses per year (depends on profit)
    Holidays 2 days a week (Saturday and Sunday), National Holiday, Summer Holiday, New Year Holiday, Paid Vacation
    Welfare Transport Fee(up to 30,000 yen per month), Social Insurance, Employee Discount
    Company Club Activities

    e-mail: Nishishinjuku Parkwest Bldg. 5F, 6-12-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, JAPAN Recruitment Staff