Our EC department operates online shops "Recommend", which have over 700,000 items for sale, such as furniture, home decor, fashion, sports & outdoors, electronics, foods, liquors and more categories. We have been developing and expanding our stores, categories and items since we established "Recommend" on Yahoo shopping in 2007. As a result, "Recommend" has won "The Best Shop Awards" of Yahoo shopping / Rakuten, many times. We aim at providing you with a one-stop-shop and a specialized item store service for all your shopping needs. Yes! You can find what you want!

To supply products to "Recommend"

リコメン堂へ商品提供するメリット →自社ECサイトがなくても、リコメン堂店舗で販売することができる。 →費用、リスクを負わずにネット上で商品を販売でき、販路拡大できる。 →リコメン堂店舗でテストマーケティングし、得られたデータでECサイトを出店ができる。

All you need to sell online with "Recommend" is to have your merchandise for sale. Then you can start selling your products online with no cost and no risk. Also, you can collect marketing data from actual sales result on "Recommend" and take advantage of the data when you launch your own online shop.

The system of "Recommend"


Merchandise selection
We apply the most effective e-commerce system to every single item, analyzing a lot of data such as consumer trends.
Product page creation
We create eye-catching product pages for the items on "Recommend".
Gathering customers
We do marketing research, analyze consumer trends and provide marketing resolution for you in order to increase sales and gather more customers.
Ordering System
We have built the special system that requires only a small number of staff to deal with all the orders and items.
Customer Service
Our friendly customer service operators answer all kinds of our customer’s inquiries over the phone and via email.