EC Support

You or your company once launched your online shop in order to increase sales, but hit the wall. Your company leaves all e-commerce operation to an engineer of system department and sales are weak. Although you have discussed to build online shopping web-site, you gave up because of cost problems. If you have such experiences, we can support your EC website to be able to success with 3 steps.

We support your online sales with 3 steps.

STEP1 Sell your goods at “Recommend”

If you consider selling your goods online, but worry about the cost and the risk of failure to create your own shop, we can offer the selling space for free. Our online shop “Recommend” has a wide variety of goods such as electronic goods, furniture, kitchen tools, clothing, foods, drinks, hobby, and so on. If you have something to sell, you can put up them for sale at “Recommend”, which also enables you to collect marketing data before launching your own shop.

STEP2 Launch and run your online store at online market place

Based on the data you collected from test marketing at Recommend, you launch your own shop at online market places such as Rakuten, Yahoo! Shopping, Amazon, DeNA shopping and other popular online shopping malls in Japan. It is easier to enter e-commerce field with marketing data on the internet than without it. Also online market places potentially have a big draw to pull in customers and provide a simple system for creating your own shop and product pages.

STEP3 Launch and run your original online store

In order to increase sales, you launch your original online store using collected data of Step2. EC website created by your own system needs to pull in customer on your own. You also aim at creating and having hot-selling products and basic items. We can provide total support for system establishment, merchandising, and EC operation.

What is EPO?

The important thing in operating EC website is not just SEO. Because we are aiming at selling more goods, we developed effective marketing operating system, which we call “EPO” or EC Platform Optimization. With operating technique and know-how accumulated by Recommend, we can offer total support for sales and shop operation online.

We lead you to success in e-commerce with confidence by using our marketing data and accumulated e-commerce experiences from the management of Recommend.