Product planning business

Our goal is to support our customers who wish to deal with OEM products from beginning to end, connecting them with overseas manufacturers.

The market environment has been changing in all these years. For example, internet enables end-users to buy goods without going out. Environmental destruction shifts their focus on eco-friendly goods. Considering these changes, we are certain that our customized OEM service is the key to satisfy our valued clients. In order to meet our client’s requirements, such as price, design, quantity, and release date, we plan and develop products. In cooperation with foreign factories, we deal with manufacturing, quality control, and even delivery.

We can solve your problems of product development.

Having trouble with OEM business such as below?⇒You are not sure how to develop products overseas.⇒You want to get total support for OEM from beginning to end.⇒You don’t have any knowledge of OEM to achieve low cost production.⇒You are interested in OEM business but do not have enough human resource or knowledge.

We provide the best service for you with our total support for product planning, product development, manufacturing and delivery.

Service Flow

We listen to our clients first and advise in view of consumer pulse.
Product planning
We propose product planning and production schedule based on consulting.
Approximate estimate and Sample production
We offer a quotation, introduce an appropriate factory, and make a sample.
Order to factory
After evaluation, we confirm a delivery date and place an order to the factory.
Mass production and Quality control
We keep checking production schedule and observe factory on site as needed after mass production started.
We arrange import and domestic delivery to deliver finished products to the designated delivery place, and support customs clearance procedure for import if it is necessary.
After-the sales service
We provide after-the sales service depends on the situation and the client’s request.

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